Lincoln Cemetery

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Lincoln Cemetery is one of the most famous cemeteries in the Southeastern United States. 

Since 1925, our memorial gardens have served as the final resting place for many notable lives in Atlanta’s vibrant history – including prominent civil rights leaders, esteemed veterans, politicians, athletes, entrepreneurs and musicians. 

Lincoln Memorial Group

Lincoln Memorial Group

Lincoln Cemetery is part of the Lincoln Memorial Group, which owns and operates historic Washington Memorial Gardens, Dawn Memorial Park and Monte Vista Biblical Gardens. Our cemeteries span west to east of Atlanta, and we would be honored to serve you at any of these locations. Click below to learn more about each cemetery.

Available Options

Available Options

BURIAL Options

At Lincoln Cemetery, you and your family can choose from a range of interment options, including traditional ground burial, interior or exterior community mausolea,
or private estate mausolea.


Cremation is a popular choice with great options across all of our cemeteries; including in-ground cremation burials, columbaria or mausoleum niches, and glass-front niches for urn placement and memorialization.



Across all cemeteries, we offer the opportunity to plan your cemetery arrangements in advance. Our Counselors are here for you today to avoid leaving these important decisions to those left behind.  

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At all of our cemeteries in Atlanta, you can get all your questions and concerns answered with planning your cemetery arrangements in advance of need. For over 60 years, we’ve been educating Atlantans of the benefits of pre-planning. Establish your preference today as to the choice of burial or cremation property, location and other important memorialization options. Don’t burden those left behind.

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